December5th, 2002

Release of the largest-scale mouse transcriptome data which contribute to progress of gene discoveries

The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, (RIKEN), (President: Shun-ichi Kobayashi) released full-length sequences and those functional annotation for 60,770 mouse full-length cDNA clones. . This contributes to the 90% of the genes discovered to date. This is a largest and highest quality data set of mammalian transcriptome. This set includes many novel non-protein-coding genes. The RIKEN Yokohama Genomic Sciences Center, (Director: Akiyoshi Wada) Genome Exploration Research Group (Project Director, Yoshihide Hayashizaki) and the FANTOM (Functional Annotation of Mouse) Consortium have achieved this scientific breakthrough.
It is difficult to predict all genes from from the genomic sequence data alone. Substantial transcript data is necessary to identify all genes. The major findings of this research are as follows:
Mouse has been used in the biomedical field as the best human disease model. The RIKEN mouse transcriptome, supported by physical clones, provides the most comprehensive knowledge of gene function that will contribute to the research for cause of diseases such as cancer, common diseases and also contribute to the pharmaceutical drug discoveries.
The results of this research will be published as an article in scientific journal Nature on the December 5th.