FANTOM2 annotation strategy


Qualifier for functional annotation database

Qualifier nameDescription
Curated gene nameFANTOM gene name
Curated gene symbolgene symbol, if available
Synonymsynonyms, if available
Match Status 1flags indicating whether a sequence represents a complete or partial gene, or a problem with the clone exists
Match Status 2flags for possible splice variants, and antisense transcripts
Match Status 3flags for possible frame shifts, unspliced introns, and chimeric sequences
CDS startCDS start position within the clone, in bp
CDS stopCDS stop position within the clone, in bp
CDS status 1flags for clones which may represent 5'UTR, 3'UTR, non-coding RNAs, or other artifacts
CDS status 2flags for possible reverse complemented, 5'-truncated, or 3'-truncated sequences
CDS status 3flags for possible frame shifts, immature transcripts or unexpected stop codon
CDS Notecurator's note about the CDS
UTRcurator's comment about UTR
Expression Notecurator's comment about expression profile
Antisense HitFANTOM gene names derived from a matched entry on the reverse compliment strand
Notecurator's general comments