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Clone ID: 6030400A10, (FANTOM 3) Sequence ID: 21093, Rearray ID: PX00628C04, DDBJ Accession in HTC : AK020045, DDBJ Accessions in EST: AV318521 BB576912, (FANTOM 2) Sequence ID: 21093, (FANTOM 1) Sequence ID: 21093, MGI Clone Accession: MGI:1910832, MGI Marker Accession: MGI:1924319
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Library information
TS: stage21, Dev.stage: 13 days embryo, Strain: C57BL/6J, Sex: male, Tissue: testis, EMAP name: testis

Tentative clustering (TK:mm5)
TK ID: 102785 , # of transcript(s): 1
Representative 6030400A10

Tentative clustering (TU:mm5)
TU ID: 102785 , # of transcript(s): 1
Representative 6030400A10

MGI Assignment
MGI annotation (July 2004)MGI ID MGI Gene Symbol MGI Gene Name
MGD|MGI:19243196030400A10RikRIKEN cDNA 6030400A10 gene

cDNA status prediction
Predictor Coding pot. 5'end of cDNA 3'end of cDNA Intron retention 3'UTR only

cDNA summary image
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Pseudogene analysis
MGI annotationNot annotated as a pseudogene matchesNot matched to the pseudogene set
MF predictionNot predicted as a pseudogene

Sense/Antisense analysis
cis-antisenseNo cis-antisense transcripts
trans-antisenseNo trans-antisense transcripts
trans-senseNo trans-sense transcripts