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IDTYPE=cloneid,seqid,rearrayid,accession,estaccession,f2seqid,f1seqid,mgiclone,mgimarker, ID=B230340O06,9930014N24

Number of hits: 2
Clone ID (FANTOM 3) Sequence ID Rearray ID DDBJ Accession in HTC DDBJ Accessions in EST (FANTOM 2) Sequence ID (FANTOM 1) Sequence ID MGI Clone Accession MGI Marker Accessionannotations
9930014N24 36417 PX00953G06 AK036819 BB142333 BB629831 36417 MGI:2401272 MGI:104696 Annotation page
B230340O06 46670 PX01016H16 AK046083 BB313264 BB644646 BB313264 46670 MGI:2411470 MGI:2151118 Annotation page

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