Track Descriptions & Citations

Tracks Built into this Server

A1. Tag Cluster (TC)
Tag Cluster. Its representation schemes are:
  1. Red tinged color, such as "RED" and "PINK", indicates that its representative tag is a CAGE tag.
  2. Strong color, such as "RED" and "BLACK", indicates that it contains 2 or more CAGE tags
  3. Large arrow indicate over 10 CAGE tags.

B1. Transcripts
Transcripts (mRNA) used in RTPS construction.

Transcriptional Unit. See PMID:12466851 and PMID:15533708

D1. Gene prediction
Predicted transcripts by genscan, geneid, twinscan. See UCSC description for genscan, geneid, twinscan.

D2. CpG island
See UCSC description.

D3. Gap
Assemble gap. See UCSC description.

D4. Simple repeat
Repeat region detected by Tandem repeats finder(TRF). See UCSC description.

D5.Conserved Region (axtNet v.s Mm5)
No additional information available.

Repeat region
Repeat region detected by RepeatMasker. See UCSC description.

Core promoter region (Bucher)
Core promoter regions including TATA box, CCAAT box, GC box, and initiator. They are computed by RIKEN based on Bucher's matrix.