To create an embedded image of this view, cut and paste this URL into an HTML page:

<IMAGE src=";type=Centromere%3Aoverview+Transcript+miRNA+snoRNA+TU+EntrezGene+paper1_cage_cluster_level2+paper1_cage_cluster_level3+H3K9_1st_PMA0h+H3K9_1st_PMA96h+PU1_1st_PMA0h+PU1_1st_PMA96h+SP1_1st_PMA0h+SP1_1st_PMA96h+PolII_1st_PMA0h+PolII_1st_PMA96h+TFBS_MotEvo_cage;width=800;id=2b0b59aec3e3a08182fa61416e5499c3;keystyle=between;grid=1" />

The image will look like this:

If only the overview (chromosome or contig view) is showing, try reducing the size of the region.

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