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is a: FF:0000096 (human mesenchymal stem cell of adipose sample),FF:0000097 (human mesenchymal stem cell of bone marrow sample),FF:0000098 (human hepatic mesenchymal stem cell sample),FF:0000099 (human mesothelial cell sample),FF:0000100 (microglial cell),FF:0000105 (mouse astrocyte sample),FF:0000106 (mouse cardiac myocyte sample),FF:0000109 (mouse hepatocyte sample),FF:0000110 (mouse fibroblast of lymphatic vessel),FF:0000111 (mouse leptomeningeal cell sample),FF:0000112 (mouse mesenchymal stem cell of bone marrow sample),FF:0000113 (mouse microglial cell sample),FF:0000114 (mouse pituitary cell),FF:0000115 (mouse kidney epithelial cell sample),FF:0000116 (mouse Schwann cell sample),FF:0000117 (human mesenchymal stem cell of umbilical cord blood sample),FF:0000118 (human cardiac myocyte sample),FF:0000119 (human natural killer cell sample),FF:0000120 (human neural stem cell sample),FF:0000121 (central nervous system neuron),FF:0000122 (human neutrophil sample),FF:0000123 (human nucleus pulposus cell of intervertebral disc sample),FF:0000124 (oligodendrocyte),FF:0000125 (human oligodendrocyte precursor sample),FF:0000126 (oligospheres),FF:0000127 (human osteoblast-Sciencell sample),FF:0000128 (human osteoblast-Cell applications sample),FF:0000129 (pancreatic beta cell),FF:0000130 (pancreatic epithelial cell),FF:0000131 (paneth cell),FF:0000133 (human pericyte sample),FF:0000134 (human perineural cell sample),FF:0000135 (human peripheral blood mononuclear cell sample),FF:0000136 (human placental epithelial cell sample),FF:0000144 (human promyelocyte/myelocyte sample),FF:0000145 (human prostate epithelial cell sample),FF:0000146 (human stromal cell of pancreas sample),FF:0000148 (rat aortic smooth muscle cell),FF:0000149 (rat mesenchymal bone cell),FF:0000150 (rat hepatocyte),FF:0000151 (human renal epithelial cell sample),FF:0000154 (human renal mesangial cell sample),FF:0000157 (retinal endothelial cell),FF:0000158 (human retinal pigment epithelial cell sample),FF:0000159 (human Schwann cell sample),FF:0000160 (human sebocyte sample),FF:0000162 (human skeletal muscle cell sample),FF:0000163 (myotubule derived from skeletal muscle cells),FF:0000164 (human skeletal muscle myoblast sample),FF:0000166 (human small airway epithelial cell sample)