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  • id: FF:0100740
  • name: myeloid leukemia cell line sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "A cell line of leukemia characterized by proliferation of myeloid tissue (as of the bone marrow and spleen) and an abnormal increase in the number of granulocytes, myelocytes, and myeloblasts in the circulating blood." [From Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary at
  • xref: BTO:0000740
  • synonym: "granulocytic leukemia cell line" RELATED [], "myelocytic leukemia cell line" RELATED [], "myelogenous leukemia cell line" RELATED []
  • CAGEd oPOSSUM: human

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0100737(leukemia cell line sample)
derives_from:CL:0000763(myeloid cell)


is a:FF:0101883 (acute myeloid leukemia cell line sample),FF:0102332 (monocytic leukemia cell line sample),FF:0102580 (chronic myeloid leukemia cell line sample),FF:10718-109I7 (biphenotypic B myelomonocytic leukemia cell line:MV-4-11),FF:10766-110F1 (chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cell line:MEG-A2),FF:10769-110F4 ()

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