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Details of profiled samples (incl. tissue, primary cells)

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10004-101A9chicken embryo whole body, day10 (HH37)tissues
10210-103G3chicken embryo whole body, 01hr30min (HH1)tissues
10211-103G4chicken embryo whole body,05hr30min (HH1)tissues
10212-103G5chicken embryo whole body,06hr (HH1-2)tissues
10213-103G6chicken embryo whole body,14hr (HH3)tissues
10214-103G7chicken embryo whole body,18hr (HH4)tissues
10215-103G8chicken embryo whole body, 22hr (HH5-6)tissues
10216-103G9chicken embryo whole body, day01 (HH7 1-3 somites)tissues
10217-103H1chicken embryo whole body, day01 (HH7 2-3 somites)tissues
10218-103H2chicken embryo whole body, day01.5 (HH10)tissues
10219-103H3chicken embryo whole body, day01.5 (HH11-12)tissues
10220-103H4chicken embryo whole body, day02 (HH13)tissues
10221-103H5chicken embryo whole body, day02 (HH14)tissues
10222-103H6chicken embryo whole body, day02.5 (HH17)tissues
10223-103H7chicken embryo whole body, day03 (HH19)tissues
10224-103H8chicken embryo whole body, day03 (HH20)tissues
10225-103H9chicken embryo whole body, day04 (HH23)tissues
10226-103I1chicken embryo whole body, day05 (HH26-27)tissues
10227-103I2chicken embryo whole body, day07 (HH32)tissues
10228-103I3chicken embryo whole body, day15 (HH41)tissues
10229-103I4chicken embryo whole body, day20 (HH45)tissues
10230-103I5chicken embryo, extraembryonic tissue, day07 (HH32)tissues
10231-103I6chicken embryo, extraembryonic tissue, day15 (HH41)tissues
10232-103I7chicken wing buds, day03 (HH20)tissues
10233-103I8chicken leg buds, day03 (HH20)tissues
10234-103I9chicken embryo whole body, day05 (HH25-27)tissues
11260-116F9Chicken hepatocytes, tech_rep1primary cells
11294-117A7Chicken Mesenchymal stem cells - bone marrow derived, donor1primary cells
11298-117B2Chicken Aortic Smooth Muscle cells, donor1primary cells
11337-117F5Chicken hepatocytes, tech_rep2primary cells
11375-118A7Chicken Aortic Smooth Muscle cells, donor2primary cells
11447-118I7Chicken Aortic Smooth Muscle cells, donor3primary cells