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Name:paneth cell
Definition:"An epithelial cell found in the basal part of the intestinal glands (crypts of Lieberkuhn) including the appendix. Paneth cells synthesize and secrete lysozyme and cryptdins. Numerous in the deeper parts of the intestinal crypts, particularly in the duodenum, rich in zinc, contain large acidophilic granules, with irregular apical microvilli and prominent membrane-bound vacuoles containing matrix." [GOC:tfm, ISBN:0517223651, MESH:A.03.492.411.369.700]



Ontology association <br>Each term has an is_a parent in the Cell ontology, which has a linkage to an another entity and FANTOM5 samples.Libraries were grouped into mutually exclusive facets according to the FANTOM5 sample ontology mapping to Cell ontologies.<br><br>link to ontology dataset<br>data


is_a:CL:0000150(glandular epithelial cell),CL:0000323(lysozyme secreting cell),CL:0002563(intestinal epithelial cell)
part_of:UBERON:0001277(intestinal epithelium)


is a:CL:1000343 (paneth cell of epithelium of small intestine)

Ontology Tree: Loaded from BioPortal

Ontorolgy tree(Small window open)

FF samples<br>It includes FANTOM5 samples that overlay the Cell ontology.

Enrichment analysis: top 100 FFCP enriched with this ontology termTOP 100 FANTOM5 Cage Peaks enriched with CL:0000510 (paneth cell), sorted by p-values <br>Analyst: Hideya Kawaji<br><br>link to source dataset <br>human : data <br>mouse : data

No analysis results for this cluster