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  • id: FF:0000003
  • name: cell line sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "A sample consisting of cell line material." [GOC:tfm]
  • created_by: tmeehan
  • creation_date: 28 February 2011 10:40:12

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0000102(sample by type)
disjoint_from:FF:0000004(tissue sample)


is a:FF:0000005 (primary cell line sample),FF:0000006 (permanent cell line sample),FF:0000404 (mouse mesenchymal stem cell line: ST2 sample),FF:0011287 (mouse fibroblast cell line: CRL-1658 NIH/3T3 sample),FF:0011501 (UH-1),FF:0100003 (intestinal cell line sample),FF:0100067 (kidney cell line sample),FF:0100104 (lymphoma cell line sample),FF:0100224 (liver cell line sample),FF:0100255 (brain cell line sample),FF:0100353 (lung cell line sample),FF:0100385 (bone cancer cell line sample),FF:0100400 (sarcoma cell line sample),FF:0100453 (fibroblast cell line sample),FF:0100583 (bone marrow cancer cell sample),FF:0100669 (embryonic cell line sample),FF:0100792 (urinary bladder cancer cell line sample),FF:0100794 (pancreatic cancer cell line sample),FF:0100816 (breast cell line sample),FF:0100819 (pharyngeal cell line sample),FF:0100849 (melanoma cell line sample),FF:0100932 (neuroblastoma cell line sample),FF:0100977 (ovary cell line sample),FF:0101019 (prostate gland cell line sample),FF:0101035 (hematopoietic cell line sample),FF:0101120 (epithelial cell line sample),FF:0101533 (gastrointestinal cancer cell sample),FF:0101549 (megakaryocytic cell line),FF:0101560 (testicular cancer cell line sample),FF:0101610 (thyroid cancer cell line sample),FF:0101967 (cervical cancer cell line sample),FF:0102694 (leiomyoma cell sample),FF:0102817 (esophageal cancer cell line),FF:0102912 (neuroepithelioma cell line sample),FF:0102936 (vaginal cell line),FF:0103225 (neurilemoma cell line sample),FF:0103296 (bone marrow stromal cell line sample),FF:0103765 (dermatofibroma cell line),FF:0103766 (giant cell tumor cell line sample),FF:0103910 (bile duct cancer cell line sample),FF:0104398 (meningioma cell line sample),FF:0200030 (neurons - spiral ganglion sample),FF:10414-106B9 (maxillary sinus tumor cell line:HSQ-89),FF:10430-106D7 (non T non B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) cell line:P30/OHK),FF:10440-106E8 (),FF:10443-106F2 (epithelioid sarcoma cell line:HS-ES-1),FF:10447-106F6 (),FF:10495-107B9 (epithelioid sarcoma cell line:HS-ES-2R),FF:10568-108B1 (mesenchymal stem cell line:Hu5/E18),FF:10637-108I7 (neuroectodermal tumor cell line:FU-RPNT-1)... further results
disjoint from:FF:0000002 (in vivo cell sample)

FF Samples



  • 1830-49C7 (mouse fibroblast cell line: CRL-1658 NIH/3T3)