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  • id: FF:0102024
  • name: squamous cell carcinoma cell line sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "Carcinoma developed from squamous epithelium, having cuboid cells and characterized by keratinization and often by preservation of intercellular bridges. Initially local and superficial, the lesion may later invade and metastasize." [goc:tfm]
  • xref: BTO:0002024
  • synonym: "SCC cell line" RELATED []
  • CAGEd oPOSSUM: human

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0100297(carcinoma cell line sample)
derives_from:CL:0000076(squamous epithelial cell)


is a:FF:0100017 (A-431 cell sample),FF:0102202 (lung squamous cell carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0102428 (esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell line),FF:0102709 (head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0103849 (adenosquamous carcinoma cell),FF:0104204 (nasal squamous cell carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0104546 (hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell line),FF:10412-106B7 (malignant trichilemmal cyst cell line:DJM-1),FF:10431-106D8 (epidermoid carcinoma cell line:Ca Ski),FF:10463-106H4 (squamous cell carcinoma cell line:EC-GI-10),FF:10601-108E7 (),FF:10616-108G4 (squamous cell carcinoma cell line:T3M-5),FF:10646-109A7 (squamous cell carcinoma cell line:JHUS-nk1),FF:10659-109C2 (),FF:10662-109C5 (),FF:10664-109C7 (),FF:10666-109C9 (),FF:10667-109D1 (),FF:10668-109D2 (),FF:10717-109I6 (acantholytic squamous carcinoma cell line:HCC1806),FF:10760-110E4 (bronchial squamous cell carcinoma cell line:KNS-62)

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