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  • id: FF:0102267
  • name: rhabdomyosarcoma cell line sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "A sarcoma (from the Greek 'sarx' meaning flesh) is a cancer that arises from transformed connective tissue cells. These cells originate from embryonic mesoderm, or middle layer,[2] which forms the bone, cartilage, and fat tissues. This is in contrast to carcinomas, which originate in the epithelium. The epithelium lines the surface of structures throughout the body, and is the origin of cancers in the breast, colon, pancreas. However, due to an evolving understanding of tissue origin, the term sarcoma is sometimes applied to tumors now known to arise from epithelial tissue. The term soft tissue sarcoma is used to describe tumors of soft tissue, which includes elements that are in connective tissue, but not derived from it (such as muscles and blood vessels)." [1]
  • xref: BTO:0002267

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0100297(carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0100400(sarcoma cell line sample)


is a:FF:10477-106I9 (rhabdomyosarcoma cell line:RMS-YM),FF:10626-108H5 (),FF:10734-110B5 (),FF:10787-110H4 (rhabdomyosarcoma cell line:KYM-1)

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