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Name:chicken leg buds, day03 (HH20)
Species:Gallus gallus
Library ID:CNhs14213
Sample type:tissues
ZENBU report :link
Additional information
Sample information
tissueleg bud
dev stageHH20
cell typeCELL MIXTURE - tissue sample
cell lineNA
External link for information[{{{sample_info_link}}} {{{sample_info_link}}}]
RNA information
lot numberNA
catalog numberNA
sample typeNA
extraction protocol (Details)NA

CAGE Accession numbers
MethodSample accession id
chicken_CAGE  SAMD00053769
Library accession numbers

Library idMethodExp. accession idRun accession id
CNhs14213 chicken_CAGE DRX057298 DRR063057
Accession ID

Library idBAMCTSS
CNhs14213 DRZ007552 DRZ007584

FANTOM5 (FF) ontology

Direct parent terms

Ancestor terms (non development)<b>Summary:</b>Connected ontology terms with is_a, part_of or located_in relationship <br><b>Analyst:</b> Hideya Kawaji<br><br>link to source data<br>data

UBERON: Anatomy
0000468 (multi-cellular organism)
0005418 (hindlimb bud)
0000922 (embryo)
0000475 (organism subdivision)
0004120 (mesoderm-derived structure)
0000061 (anatomical structure)
0000465 (material anatomical entity)
0002050 (embryonic structure)
0005423 (developing anatomical structure)
0001062 (anatomical entity)
0003102 (surface structure)
0010317 (germ layer / neural crest derived structure)
0004357 (paired limb/fin bud)
0004347 (limb bud)
0005420 (pelvic appendage bud)
0000154 (posterior region of body)

0000101 (sample by species)
0000032 (chicken sample)
0000001 (sample)
0000242 (chicken developmental series)
0000244 (chicken leg bud day3 HH20)

Ancestor terms (development)<b>Summary:</b>Connected ontology terms with develops_from, derives_from or preceded_by relationship <br><b>Analyst:</b> Hideya Kawaji <br><br>link to source data<br>data
UBERON:0002532 (epiblast (generic))
UBERON:0006603 (presumptive mesoderm)
UBERON:0005418 (hindlimb bud)
UBERON:0005733 (limb field)
UBERON:0005732 (limb/fin field)
UBERON:0005730 (hindlimb/pelvic fin field)
UBERON:0010316 (germ layer / neural crest)