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Name:visual cortex - wildtype, neonate N30, donor3
Species:mus musculus
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Additional information
Sample information
tissueVisual cortex
dev stagepostnatal day 30
cell typemixed
cell lineN/A
collaborationMichela Fagiolini/Alka Saxena/Piero Carninci
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RNA information
lot numberN/A
catalog numberN/A
sample typeVisual cortex tissue
extraction protocol (Details)Total RNA Trizol Qiagen minElute

Relative expression to median (log10)

Transcription factors with enriched expression in this sampleRanked list of transcription factor promoter expression in this sample relative to the median expression in the FANTOM5 collection is shown. Value is log10 transformed.

FANTOM5 (FF) ontology

Direct parent terms

Ancestor terms (non development)<b>Summary:</b>Connected ontology terms with is_a, part_of or located_in relationship <br><b>Analyst:</b> Hideya Kawaji<br><br>link to source data<br>data

UBERON: Anatomy
0000468 (multi-cellular organism)
0000922 (embryo)
0000955 (brain)
0002021 (occipital lobe)
0000411 (visual cortex)
0000483 (epithelium)
0000956 (cerebral cortex)
0000033 (head)
0000479 (tissue)
0002346 (neurectoderm)
0000064 (organ part)
0000073 (regional part of nervous system)
0004121 (ectoderm-derived structure)
0000062 (organ)
0004111 (anatomical conduit)
0000475 (organism subdivision)
0000025 (tube)
0000061 (anatomical structure)
0000465 (material anatomical entity)
0000480 (anatomical group)
0000923 (germ layer)
0002050 (embryonic structure)
0005423 (developing anatomical structure)
0000477 (anatomical cluster)
0002020 (gray matter)
0002791 (regional part of telencephalon)
0003528 (brain grey matter)
0000481 (multi-tissue structure)
0000467 (anatomical system)
0002616 (regional part of brain)
0002619 (regional part of cerebral cortex)
0001062 (anatomical entity)
0000119 (cell layer)
0005291 (embryonic tissue)
0002780 (regional part of forebrain)
0006598 (presumptive structure)
0002532 (epiblast (generic))
0001017 (central nervous system)
0001016 (nervous system)
0000153 (anterior region of body)
0007811 (craniocervical region)
0000924 (ectoderm)
0001869 (cerebral hemisphere)
0001893 (telencephalon)
0001890 (forebrain)
0000203 (pallium)
0001950 (neocortex)
0003075 (neural plate)
0003056 (pre-chordal neural plate)
0001049 (neural tube)
0006238 (future brain)
0006601 (presumptive ectoderm)
0005068 (neural rod)
0006241 (future spinal cord)
0003080 (anterior neural tube)
0006240 (future forebrain)
0007284 (presumptive neural plate)
0007135 (neural keel)


Ancestor terms (development)<b>Summary:</b>Connected ontology terms with develops_from, derives_from or preceded_by relationship <br><b>Analyst:</b> Hideya Kawaji <br><br>link to source data<br>data