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Representative Motif

<br>Analyst: Ivan Kulakovskiy,Ilya Vorontsov, Vsevolod Makeev, Michiel de Hoon <br>May 2013, Collection Name: Non-redundant known motifs<br>Analysis information: 208 clusters of known motifs were produced by MACRO-APE [1] using the general phase1 motif clustering procedure applied for known motif collections.<br>207 of 208 clusters had at least one member passing motif-promoter correlation procedure.For these clusters representative motifs were selected based on motif-promoter correlation values.For each cluster only motifs with an average distance to of ther members not greater than mean+SD were considered as representatives.

  • Name :known70
  • Id :EBF1.p2
  • name :
  • score :0.893570516768295
  • External refs:
  • Internal refs:

Motif matrix

Sub Motif Members