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Phase1 CAGE Peaks

Pathway enrichment analysis

Analyst: Emmanuel Dimont<br>Integrating CAGE clusters and expression array data is combined at the functional level, resulting indefining common informative pathways and expression analysis results for pathway lists.<br><br>link to the source data.<br>data

GOStat results on Coexpression cluster

The results for GOStat analysis on co-expressed clusters("All" category). <br>Analyst: Erik Arner

GO IDGO nameFDR corrected p-value

Sample ontology enrichment analysis

The results for enrichment analysis on the data of MCL co-expression cluster. That are sorted by ontologies each samples belonging. <br>Analyst: Hideya Kawaji

Cell Type
Ontology termp-valuen
Uber Anatomy
Ontology termp-valuen
Ontology termp-valuen

TFBS overrepresentation

The values shown are the p-values for overrepresentation of the motif in this coexpression cluster. So a small p-value means a strong overrepresentation. <br>Analyst: Michiel de Hoon

Novel motifs

JASPAR motifs



ENCODE TF ChIP-seq peak enrichment analysis

Method: For each TF and each co-expression cluster, the number of promoters with ENCODE TF ChIP signal was compared with the rest of promoters from the robust set using Fisher's exact test. Clusters with significant ChIP enrichment (q <= 0.05) after Benjamini-Hochberg correction were retained. <br>Analyst: Erick Arner

No analysis results for this cluster

Relative expression of the co-expression cluster


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