The current FANTOM web portal tentatively look different from the previous one, but the databases, the data sets, and the data viewers are available as before. Please don’t hesitate to use them in the same way. Hyperlinks to individual projects (FANTOM1-5) is here:

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What happened? - One of our servers that provides this FANTOM portal site had a trouble, and we are in its recovery stage. We didn’t find any problems in the other systems, except for the portal site. Please contact us <> for any questions.


FANTOM is an international research consortium established by Dr. Hayashizaki and his colleagues in 2000 to assign functional annotations to the full-length cDNAs that were collected during the Mouse Encyclopedia Project at RIKEN. FANTOM has since developed and expanded over time to encompass the fields of transcriptome analysis. The object of the project is moving steadily up the layers in the system of life, progressing thus from an understanding of the ‘elements’ - the transcripts - to an understanding of the ‘system’ - the transcriptional regulatory network, in other words the ‘system’ of an individual life form.

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