Nature 409:685-690, 2001
"Functional annotation of a full-length mouse cDNA collection"

Index of Supplementary Information

Supplementary Figure 1

A Distribution of the length of 21,076 insert DNAs
B Sequence accuracy

Supplementary Figure 2

A SAP domain containing RIKEN clones
B Phylogenetic tree of the known OATPs and RIKEN clones

Supplementary Figure 3

Alignment of the amino acid sequences of the known OATPs

Supplementary Figure 4

Mapping of RIKEN clones using Radiation Hybrid

Supplementary Table 1

DDBJ accsession number and MGI ID for RIKEN ID

Supplementary Table 2

A Full-length evaluation
B Analysis of Alternative Splicing in Redundant Clone Set

Supplementary Table 3

Disease related genes in RIKEN clones

Supplementary Table 4

A RIKEN clones containing a DSP domain
B RIKEN clones containing a consensus kinase signature motif
C InterPro Motifs in RIKEN clones

Supplementary Table 5

A Motifs identified by maximum density subgraph analysis
B UTR Functional Elements

Supplementary Table 6

RH Map of RIKEN Clones using RH databases

Supplementary Table 7

A Databases that were used for the functional annotation
B Software that was used during full-length sequencing and the functional annotation

Supplementary Table 8

Strategies of Gene Ontology Assignment

Supplementary methods

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