The CAGE Expression Clustering Viewer is a web system for expression clustering reference of TC

Clustering Tree

This figure is a result of the hierarchical clustering to the cluster centroids obtained
by k-mean clustering method.

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Cluster_10 Cluster_27 Cluster_56 Cluster_21 Cluster_65 Cluster_18 Cluster_29 Cluster_3 Cluster_39 Cluster_40 Cluster_2 Cluster_22 Cluster_17 Cluster_14 Cluster_23 Cluster_30 Cluster_42 Cluster_13 Cluster_12 Cluster_5 Cluster_34 Cluster_36 Cluster_45 Cluster_11 Cluster_6 Cluster_66 Cluster_47 Cluster_69 Cluster_44 Cluster_24 Cluster_57 Cluster_25 Cluster_61 Cluster_55 Cluster_16 Cluster_64 Cluster_68 Cluster_62 Cluster_8 Cluster_58 Cluster_60 Cluster_0 Cluster_59 Cluster_53 Cluster_32 Cluster_35 Cluster_20 Cluster_31 Cluster_46 Cluster_37 Cluster_7 Cluster_43 Cluster_48 Cluster_19 Cluster_41 Cluster_4 Cluster_63 Cluster_50 Cluster_28 Cluster_26 Cluster_15 Cluster_1 Cluster_54 Cluster_51 Cluster_9 Cluster_49 Cluster_33 Cluster_38 Cluster_52 Cluster_67
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