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  • id: FF:0000210
  • name: human sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "A sample consisting of material from a human." [GOC:tfm]
  • synonym: "homo sapiens" RELATED [], "human" RELATED []
  • created_by: tmeehan
  • creation_date: 7 March 2011 06:08:50

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0000101(sample by species)
derives_from:derives_from NCBITaxon:9606(),derives_from NCBITaxon:9606()


is a:FF:0000005 (primary cell line sample),FF:0000006 (permanent cell line sample),FF:0000007 (adrenal cortex cell),FF:0000008 (adrenal chromaffin cell),FF:0000009 (human amniotic epithelial cell sample),FF:0000012 (human alveolar epithelial cell sample),FF:0000013 (human basophil sample),FF:0000014 (intrahepatic biliary epithelial cell),FF:0000024 (human CD14-positive monocyte sample),FF:0000026 (human CD34-positive hematopoietic stem cell sample),FF:0000027 (human CD133-positive hematopoeitic stem cell sample),FF:0000036 (chondroblast),FF:0000037 (human chondrocyte sample),FF:0000038 (human chorionic membrane stem cell sample),FF:0000040 (human ciliary epithelial cell sample),FF:0000042 (pancreatic stromal cell),FF:0000043 (human corneal epithelial cell sample),FF:0000044 (human monocyte immature derived dendritic cell sample),FF:0000045 (human plasmacytoid dendritic cell sample),FF:0000046 (human endothelial cell sample),FF:0000053 (blood vessel endothelial progenitor cell),FF:0000054 (human eosinophil sample),FF:0000055 (erythroid progenitor cell),FF:0000056 (human epithelial cell of esophagus sample),FF:0000058 (human fibroblast of the aortic adventitia sample),FF:0000059 (human cardiac fibroblast sample),FF:0000060 (human fibroblast of choroid plexus sample),FF:0000061 (human fibroblast of conjuctivia sample),FF:0000063 (human fibroblast of gingiva sample),FF:0000064 (human fibroblast of lung sample),FF:0000065 (human fibroblast of lymphatic vessel sample),FF:0000066 (human fibroblast of mammary gland sample),FF:0000067 (human fibroblast of periodontium sample),FF:0000068 (human fibroblast of pulmonary artery sample),FF:0000069 (human fibroblast of villous mesenchyme sample),FF:0000072 (human hair follicle cell sample),FF:0000078 (human hepatocyte sample),FF:0000080 (human intestinal epithelial cell sample),FF:0000081 (human iris pigment epithelial cell sample),FF:0000082 (human epidermal keratinocyte sample),FF:0000083 (human oral mucosa keratinocyte sample),FF:0000084 (human keratocyte sample),FF:0000085 (human lens epithelial cell sample),FF:0000086 (human macrophage sample),FF:0000087 (human Malassez derived epithelial cell sample),FF:0000088 (human mammary epithelial cell sample),FF:0000089 (human dark melanocyte sample),FF:0000090 (human light melanocyte sample),FF:0000091 (human leptomeningeal cell sample),FF:0000092 (human amniotic membrane cell sample)... further results
disjoint from:FF:0000016 (canine sample),FF:0000032 (chicken sample),FF:0000103 (mouse sample),FF:0000147 (rat sample)

FF Samples


... further results