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  • id: FF:0100297
  • name: carcinoma cell line sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "A cell line derived from malignant new growth made up of epithelial cells tending to infiltrate the surrounding tissues and give rise to metastases." [GOC:tfm]
  • xref: BTO:0000297

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0101120(epithelial cell line sample)


is a:FF:0011472 (human epitheloid carcinoma cell line: HelaS3 ENCODE sample),FF:0100167 (adenocarcinoma cell line sample),FF:0100197 (carcinosarcoma cell sample),FF:0100304 (PANC-1 cell),FF:0100306 (teratocarcinoma cell line sample),FF:0100383 (renal cell carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0100578 (hepatoma cell line sample),FF:0100762 (lung cancer cell line sample),FF:0100790 (pharyngeal cancer cell line sample),FF:0100797 (colonic cancer cell line),FF:0101033 (prostate cancer cell line sample),FF:0101092 (KATO-III cell sample),FF:0101455 (thymic carcinoma cell sample),FF:0101908 (MDA-MB-453 cell sample),FF:0102024 (squamous cell carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0102219 (adrenocortical carcinoma cell),FF:0102267 (rhabdomyosarcoma cell line sample),FF:0102411 (giant cell carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0102869 (transitional cell carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0103073 (medullary thyroid carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0103533 (NOR-P1 cell sample),FF:0104978 (HEp-2 cell sample),FF:10415-106C1 (gall bladder carcinoma cell line:TGBC2TKB),FF:10432-106D9 (bile duct carcinoma cell line:HuCCT1),FF:10438-106E6 (ductal cell carcinoma cell line:KLM-1),FF:10470-106I2 (gall bladder carcinoma cell line:TGBC14TKB),FF:10483-107A6 (signet ring carcinoma cell line:NUGC-4),FF:10488-107B2 (ductal cell carcinoma cell line:MIA Paca2),FF:10496-107C1 (bile duct carcinoma cell line:TFK-1),FF:10515-107E2 (),FF:10531-107F9 (),FF:10533-107G2 (),FF:10543-107H3 (),FF:10589-108D4 (argyrophil small cell carcinoma cell line:TC-YIK),FF:10590-108D5 (testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:NEC8),FF:10591-108D6 (testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:NEC14),FF:10593-108D8 (testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:NEC15),FF:10609-108F6 (small-cell gastrointestinal carcinoma cell line:ECC4),FF:10610-108F7 (small cell gastrointestinal carcinoma cell line:ECC10),FF:10615-108G3 (gastrointestinal carcinoma cell line:ECC12),FF:10627-108H6 (),FF:10688-109F4 (glassy cell carcinoma cell line:HOKUG),FF:10690-109F6 (),FF:10702-109G9 (basal cell carcinoma cell line:TE 354.T),FF:10779-110G5 (),FF:10786-110H3 (testicular germ cell embryonal carcinoma cell line:ITO-II),FF:10843-111E6 (merkel cell carcinoma cell line:MKL-1),FF:10844-111E7 (merkel cell carcinoma cell line:MS-1)

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