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  • id: FF:0100578
  • name: hepatoma cell line sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "Primary carcinoma of the liver cells. It ranges from a well-differentiated tumour difficult to distinguish from normal hepatocytes to a poorly differentiated neoplasm. The cells may be uniform or markedly pleomorphic or may form giant cells. Several classification schemes have been suggested. Hepatocellular carcinoma is very rare in the united states and western europe, but it is one of the most common cancers in eastern asia and sub-saharan africa. The cases are preponderantly male and, racially, whites have the lowest rates." [GOC:tfm]
  • xref: BTO:0000578
  • synonym: "HCC cell line" RELATED [], "hepatocarcinoma cell line" RELATED [], "hepatocellular carcinoma cell line" RELATED []
  • CAGEd oPOSSUM: human

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0100224(liver cell line sample),FF:0100297(carcinoma cell line sample),FF:0101533(gastrointestinal cancer cell sample)


is a:FF:0100599 (Hep-G2 cell sample),FF:0101664 (hepatoblastoma cell line sample),FF:0101950 (HuH-7 cell),FF:0102842 (cholangioma cell sample),FF:0103187 (SNU-423 cell),FF:0103191 (SNU-387 cell sample),FF:10484-107A7 (hepatoma cell line:Li-7)

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