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Name:organ segment
Definition:"Organ region with one or more fixed or anchored fiat boundaries. Examples: artery, trunk of nerve, cervical part of esophagus, pelvic part of vagina, horn of thyroid cartilage, anterior segment of eyeball[FMA]." [FMA:86140]
Synonyms: "organ region with fixed fiat boundary" EXACT [FMA:86140]
"segment of organ" EXACT [FMA:86140]

Ontology association
Each term has an is_a parent in the Uberon Ontology, which has a linkage to an another entity and FANTOM5 samples.Libraries were grouped into mutually exclusive facets according to the FANTOM5 sample ontology mapping to UBERON ontologies.

link to ontology dataset


is_a:UBERON:0000064(organ part)


is a:UBERON:0000072 (segment of respiratory tract),UBERON:0001801 (anterior segment of eyeball),UBERON:0001802 (posterior segment of eyeball),UBERON:0003688 (omentum),UBERON:0004529 (anatomical projection),UBERON:0004732 (segmental subdivision of nervous system),UBERON:0004914 (duodenal papilla),UBERON:0005800 (segment of aorta)

Ontology Tree: Loaded from BioPortal

Ontorolgy tree(Small window open)

FF samples
It includes FANTOM5 samples that overlay the Uberon ontology

Human (Homo sapiens)

... further results Mouse (Mus musculus)

... further results

Enrichment analysis: top 100 FFCP enriched with this ontology term TOP 100 FANTOM5 Cage Peaks enriched with UBERON:0000063 (organ segment), sorted by p-values
Analyst: Hideya Kawaji

link to source dataset
human : data
mouse : data

No analysis results