Introduction to FANTOM6

FANTOM (Functional ANnoTation Of the Mammalian genome) is a worldwide collaborative project aiming at identifying all functional elements in mammalian genomes. The goal of the sixth edition of the FANTOM project (FANTOM6) is to systematically elucidate the function of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in the human genome.

We envision the following as the main experimental strategy for FANTOM6.

  • We are generating a reference set of genome-wide profiles to establish the basal state of the transcriptome and epigenome in each cell type.
  • We are perturbing a set of lncRNAs in each cell type, and evaluating the molecular phenotype of the perturbation by CAGE profiling followed by bioinformatics analysis. The lncRNAs selected for perturbation are based on published transcripts as well as yet unpublished RNAseq assemblies specific to the cell types in the FANTOM5 collection.
  • A selected subset of lncRNAs will be functionally characterized in more detail using other complementary technologies.

Views and data

ZENBU-Report screenshot

FANTOM6 Analysis Viewer with ZENBU-Reports

The view provides an interface to interactively access to analysis results performed in the FANTOM6 project. It is implemented with ZENBU-Report.

FANTOm6 Experiment Index screenshot

FANTOM6 Experiment Index

The view provides an interface to search for experiments and produced raw data files by the experiments.

FANTOm6 datafiles

FANTOM6 Data download site

The data files including sequences, mapping results, expression tables obtained in the FANTOM6 project are available via the FANTOM6 web site.