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FANTOM is an international research consortium established by Dr. Hayashizaki and his colleagues in 2000 to assign functional annotations to the full-length cDNAs that were collected during the Mouse Encyclopedia Project at RIKEN.
FANTOM1-3 focused on identifying the transcribed components of mammalian cells, improving gene identification and alternative transcript isoforms in both human and mouse, and revealed that a large fraction of the transcriptome is non-coding.
FANTOM4 focused on the dynamics of transcription start site (TSS) usage via deepCAGE monitoring during a time course of monocytic differentiation in the acute myeloid leukemia cell line THP-1 helping to identifying key factors that determine cell fates.
FANTOM5 focused on systematically investigating transciptional expression in virtually all cell types across the human body and mice. We aim to use this information to build transcriptional regulatory models for every primary cell type that makes up a human. All FANTOM5 views in data explorer
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ZENBU is a data integration, data analysis, and visualization system enhanced for RNAseq, ChipSeq, CAGE and other types of next-generation-sequence-tag (NGS) based data. ZENBU allows for novel data exploration through "on-demand" data processing and interactive linked-visualizations and is able to make many-views from the same primary sequence alignment data which users can uploaded from BAM, BED, GFF and tab-text files.
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The ZENBU system is compatible with the majority of web browsers : Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge.
currently ZENBU does not support InternetExplorer for lack of sufficient HTML5/SVG/XML support.
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