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  • id: FF:0000002
  • name: in vivo cell sample
  • namespace: FANTOM5
  • def: "A sample consisting of in vivo cell material.\nNOTE: The distinction between a primary cell line sample and in vivo cell sample may be difficult." [GOC:tfm]
  • created_by: tmeehan
  • creation_date: 28 February 2011 10:36:19

Ontology association


is_a:FF:0000102(sample by type)
disjoint_from:FF:0000003(cell line sample)
derives_from:CL:0000003(native cell)


is a:FF:0000007 (adrenal cortex cell),FF:0000008 (adrenal chromaffin cell),FF:0000009 (human amniotic epithelial cell sample),FF:0000012 (human alveolar epithelial cell sample),FF:0000013 (human basophil sample),FF:0000014 (intrahepatic biliary epithelial cell),FF:0000017 (canine aortic smooth muscle cell),FF:0000018 (canine hepatocyte),FF:0000019 (canine mesenchymal stem cell),FF:0000021 (hematopoietic stem cell sample),FF:0000024 (human CD14-positive monocyte sample),FF:0000025 (CD19-positive B cell sample),FF:0000030 (CD8-positive T cell sample),FF:0000031 (CD4-positive T cell sample),FF:0000033 (chicken aortic smooth muscle cell),FF:0000034 (chicken hepatocyte),FF:0000035 (chicken mesenchymal stem cell),FF:0000036 (chondroblast),FF:0000037 (human chondrocyte sample),FF:0000038 (human chorionic membrane stem cell sample),FF:0000040 (human ciliary epithelial cell sample),FF:0000041 (common myeloid progenitor sample),FF:0000042 (pancreatic stromal cell),FF:0000043 (human corneal epithelial cell sample),FF:0000044 (human monocyte immature derived dendritic cell sample),FF:0000045 (human plasmacytoid dendritic cell sample),FF:0000046 (human endothelial cell sample),FF:0000053 (blood vessel endothelial progenitor cell),FF:0000054 (human eosinophil sample),FF:0000055 (erythroid progenitor cell),FF:0000056 (human epithelial cell of esophagus sample),FF:0000057 (fibroblast sample),FF:0000070 (granulocyte macrophage progenitor cell sample),FF:0000072 (human hair follicle cell sample),FF:0000076 (hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cell sample),FF:0000078 (human hepatocyte sample),FF:0000079 (mouse Lgr5-positive intestinal epithelial stem cell sample),FF:0000080 (human intestinal epithelial cell sample),FF:0000081 (human iris pigment epithelial cell sample),FF:0000082 (human epidermal keratinocyte sample),FF:0000083 (human oral mucosa keratinocyte sample),FF:0000085 (human lens epithelial cell sample),FF:0000086 (human macrophage sample),FF:0000087 (human Malassez derived epithelial cell sample),FF:0000088 (human mammary epithelial cell sample),FF:0000089 (human dark melanocyte sample),FF:0000090 (human light melanocyte sample),FF:0000091 (human leptomeningeal cell sample),FF:0000092 (human amniotic membrane cell sample),FF:0000093 (human vertebral mesenchymal stem cell sample)... further results

FF Samples


  • 10150-102I6 (medial frontal gyrus, adult, donor10252)
  • 10151-102I7 (amygdala, adult, donor10252)
  • 10153-102I9 (hippocampus, adult, donor10252)
  • 10154-103A1 (thalamus, adult, donor10252)
  • 10155-103A2 (medulla oblongata, adult, donor10252)
  • 10157-103A4 (parietal lobe, adult, donor10252)
  • 10158-103A5 (substantia nigra, adult, donor10252)
  • 10159-103A6 (spinal cord, adult, donor10252)
  • 10160-103A7 (pineal gland, adult, donor10252)
  • 10161-103A8 (globus pallidus, adult, donor10252)
  • 10162-103A9 (pituitary gland, adult, donor10252)
  • 10163-103B1 (occipital cortex, adult, donor10252)
  • 10164-103B2 (caudate nucleus, adult, donor10252)
  • 10165-103B3 (locus coeruleus, adult, donor10252)
  • 10166-103B4 (cerebellum, adult, donor10252)
  • 11780-124A7 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ naive regulatory T cells, donor1)
  • 11782-124A9 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells, donor1)
  • 11784-124B2 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells, donor1)
  • 11791-124B9 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells expanded, donor1)
  • 11792-124C1 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA- memory conventional T cells expanded, donor1)
  • 11793-124C2 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ naive regulatory T cells expanded, donor1)
  • 11794-124C3 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells expanded, donor1)
  • 11795-124C4 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells, donor2)
  • 11796-124C5 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ naive regulatory T cells, donor2)
  • 11797-124C6 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells, donor2)
  • 11798-124C7 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA- memory conventional T cells, donor2)
  • 11906-125F7 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells, donor3)
  • 11907-125F8 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA+ naive regulatory T cells, donor3)
  • 11908-125F9 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells, donor3)
  • 11909-125G1 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA- memory conventional T cells, donor3)
  • 11913-125G5 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells expanded, donor2)
  • 11916-125G8 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells expanded, donor2)
  • 11917-125G9 (CD4+CD25-CD45RA+ naive conventional T cells expanded, donor3)
  • 11920-125H3 (CD4+CD25+CD45RA- memory regulatory T cells expanded, donor3)
  • 11931-125I5 (CD34 cells differentiated to erythrocyte lineage, biol_ rep1)
  • 11932-125I6 (CD34 cells differentiated to erythrocyte lineage, biol_ rep2)
  • 11933-125I7 (Olfactory epithelial cells, donor1)
  • 11934-125I8 (Olfactory epithelial cells, donor2)
  • 11935-125I9 (Olfactory epithelial cells, donor3)
  • 11936-126A1 (Olfactory epithelial cells, donor4)
  • 11960-126C7 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, asthmatic, donor1)
  • 11961-126C8 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, asthmatic, donor2)
  • 11962-126C9 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, asthmatic, donor3)
  • 11963-126D1 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, asthmatic, donor4)
  • 11964-126D2 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, asthmatic, donor5)
  • 11965-126D3 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, asthmatic, donor6)
  • 11966-126D4 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, control, donor1)
  • 11967-126D5 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, control, donor2)
  • 11968-126D6 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, control, donor3)
  • 11969-126D7 (Smooth muscle cells - airway, control, donor4)

... further results


  • 10253-104C1 (Ileum epithelium, pool2)
  • 11943-126A8 (CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells, antiCD3 CD28 stimulation, 06hr, pool1 (BalbcA))
  • 11944-126A9 (CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells, antiCD3 CD28 stimulation, 06hr, pool1 (C57BL 6J))
  • 11946-126B2 (CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells, PMA and ionomycin stimulation, 02hr, pool1 (BalbcA))
  • 12160-128G9 (MC1+Gr1+ myeloid-derived suppressor cells control, donor1 (4,5,6PBS))
  • 12162-128H2 (MC1+Gr1+ myeloid-derived suppressor cells control, donor2 (0127 PBS))
  • 12164-128H4 (MC1+Gr1+ myeloid-derived suppressor cells control, donor3 (0128 PBS))