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Name:native cell
Definition:"A cell that is found in a natural setting, which includes multicellular organism cells 'in vivo' (i.e. part of an organism), and unicellular organisms 'in environment' (i.e. part of a natural environment)." [CARO:mah]
Synonyms: "cell in vivo" NARROW []
Comments:To accommodate unicellular organisms better, 'cell in vivo' has been re-labeled 'native cell' to better represent its intended meaning - that is, that it is a cell in the context of a multicellular organism or in a natural environment. 'Native' is intended to contrast with 'in vitro', which refers to cells or other biological entities that have been intentionally placed in a controlled, non-natural setting for the purpose of study or manipulation. (MAH 1.12.12).

Ontology association <br>Each term has an is_a parent in the Cell ontology, which has a linkage to an another entity and FANTOM5 samples.Libraries were grouped into mutually exclusive facets according to the FANTOM5 sample ontology mapping to Cell ontologies.<br><br>link to ontology dataset<br>data




is a:CL:0000034 (stem cell),CL:0000055 (non-terminally differentiated cell),CL:0000064 (ciliated cell),CL:0000151 (secretory cell),CL:0000181 (metabolising cell),CL:0000183 (contractile cell),CL:0000197 (receptor cell),CL:0000211 (electrically active cell),CL:0000212 (absorptive cell),CL:0000215 (barrier cell),CL:0000219 (motile cell),CL:0000255 (eukaryotic cell),CL:0000325 (stuff accumulating cell),CL:0000412 (polyploid cell),CL:0000473 (defensive cell),CL:0000627 (transporting cell),CL:0000630 (supportive cell),CL:0000668 (parenchymal cell),CL:0002242 (nucleate cell),CL:0002371 (somatic cell),CL:0007004 (premigratory neural crest cell),CL:2000021 (sebaceous gland native cell)
derives from:FF:0000002 (in vivo cell sample)

Ontology Tree: Loaded from BioPortal

Ontorolgy tree(Small window open)

FF samples<br>It includes FANTOM5 samples that overlay the Cell ontology.

Human (Homo sapiens)

... further results Mouse (Mus musculus)

... further results

Enrichment analysis: top 100 FFCP enriched with this ontology termTOP 100 FANTOM5 Cage Peaks enriched with CL:0000003 (native cell), sorted by p-values <br>Analyst: Hideya Kawaji<br><br>link to source dataset <br>human : data <br>mouse : data

No analysis results for this cluster