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Name:native cell
Definition:"A cell that is found in a natural setting, which includes multicellular organism cells 'in vivo' (i.e. part of an organism), and unicellular organisms 'in environment' (i.e. part of a natural environment)." [CARO:mah]
Synonyms: "cell in vivo" NARROW []
Comments:To accommodate unicellular organisms better, 'cell in vivo' has been re-labeled 'native cell' to better represent its intended meaning - that is, that it is a cell in the context of a multicellular organism or in a natural environment. 'Native' is intended to contrast with 'in vitro', which refers to cells or other biological entities that have been intentionally placed in a controlled, non-natural setting for the purpose of study or manipulation. (MAH 1.12.12).

Ontology association
Each term has an is_a parent in the Cell ontology, which has a linkage to an another entity and FANTOM5 samples.Libraries were grouped into mutually exclusive facets according to the FANTOM5 sample ontology mapping to Cell ontologies.

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is a:CL:0000034 (stem cell),CL:0000055 (non-terminally differentiated cell),CL:0000064 (ciliated cell),CL:0000151 (secretory cell),CL:0000181 (metabolising cell),CL:0000183 (contractile cell),CL:0000197 (receptor cell),CL:0000211 (electrically active cell),CL:0000212 (absorptive cell),CL:0000215 (barrier cell),CL:0000219 (motile cell),CL:0000255 (eukaryotic cell),CL:0000325 (stuff accumulating cell),CL:0000412 (polyploid cell),CL:0000473 (defensive cell),CL:0000627 (transporting cell),CL:0000630 (supportive cell),CL:0000668 (parenchymal cell),CL:0002242 (nucleate cell),CL:0002371 (somatic cell),CL:0007004 (premigratory neural crest cell),CL:2000021 (sebaceous gland native cell)
derives from:FF:0000002 (in vivo cell sample)

Ontology Tree: Loaded from BioPortal

Ontorolgy tree(Small window open)

FF samples
It includes FANTOM5 samples that overlay the Cell ontology.

Human (Homo sapiens)

... further results Mouse (Mus musculus)

... further results

Enrichment analysis: top 100 FFCP enriched with this ontology termTOP 100 FANTOM5 Cage Peaks enriched with CL:0000003 (native cell), sorted by p-values
Analyst: Hideya Kawaji

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human : data
mouse : data

No analysis results for this cluster