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Name:Chicken Mesenchymal stem cells - bone marrow derived, donor1
Species:Chicken (Gallus gallus)
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Genomic View:
Additional information
Sample information
strainRhode Island Red
tissuebone marrow
dev stageadult
cell typemesenchymal stem cell
cell lineNA
companyCell Applications
collaborationFANTOM5 OSC CORE (contact: Al Forrest)
External link for information[{{{sample_info_link}}} {{{sample_info_link}}}]
RNA information
lot number2634.00000
catalog numbercustom
sample typetotal RNA
extraction protocol (Details)OP-RNA-extraction-totalRNA-TRIzol-isopropanol-v1.0

FANTOM5 (FF) ontology

Direct parent terms

is_a relathionship

part_of relathionship

has_quality relathionship

Ancestor terms (non development)Summary:Connected ontology terms with is_a, part_of or located_in relationship
Analyst: Hideya Kawaji

link to source data

CL: Cell type
0000000 (cell), 0000000 (cell)
0000003 (native cell)
0000034 (stem cell)
0000048 (multi fate stem cell)
0000134 (mesenchymal cell)
0000219 (motile cell)
0000255 (eukaryotic cell)
0000548 (animal cell)
0000723 (somatic stem cell)
0002092 (bone marrow cell)
0002320 (connective tissue cell)
0002371 (somatic cell)
0002540 (mesenchymal stem cell of the bone marrow)

UBERON: Anatomy
0000061 (anatomical structure)
0000062 (organ)
0000465 (material anatomical entity)
0000467 (anatomical system)
0000468 (multi-cellular organism)
0000479 (tissue)
0000480 (anatomical group)
0000922 (embryo)
0000923 (germ layer)
0000926 (mesoderm)
0001062 (anatomical entity)
0001434 (skeletal system)
0001474 (bone element)
0002050 (embryonic structure)
0002193 (hemolymphoid system)
0002204 (musculoskeletal system)
0002371 (bone marrow)
0002384 (connective tissue)
0002390 (hematopoietic system)
0002405 (immune system)
0002532 (epiblast (generic))
0004120 (mesoderm-derived structure)
0004765 (skeletal element)
0005423 (developing anatomical structure)


Ancestor terms (development)Summary:Connected ontology terms with develops_from, derives_from or preceded_by relationship
Analyst: Hideya Kawaji

link to source data